How soon is now?

Clearly, not soon enough!

New artsy/crafty blog forthcoming. Please stay tuned!


Slipping already

Ok so I'm not doing a very good job of that 'photo-a-day' thing for 2009. So far I have only taken photos on January 1. Today I know I will because it snowed and stuff tends to look cool when it snows.

So does only having an account of 363 out of 365 days make me the Queen Slacker?

(must get that photo blog started... must get that photo blog started...)


Happy New Year!

It's 2009. Brand new year. Fresh, clean, slate.

I feel the winds of change blowing and I think they're sending me in a positive direction. Yes. Finally.

The little dude and I had a great day today. Build-A-Bear, Starbuck's, and painting. He's still pretty excited about seeing The Tale of Despereaux yesterday as well, which is cool. I hope when he's a little older he'll be interested enough to want to read the book - right now it's a little above keeping his interest. The worst part for me was dropping him off. It's too quiet and too clean without him around. Such is life, but I'll look forward to when he's back. :o)

I also took pics today. Going to Build-A-Bear made it pretty easy, but I really need to keep it up for tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. Like I said a couple posts prior, my goal for 2009 is to take a photo, any photo, every day. I'm thinking I'll create a special blog just for that. Details to follow.

Yeah, I know I still need to move the 'thinking out loud' stuff too. I'm working on it. For that one I want to have the domain name first. I have a domain pointing here - www. scrappingviolet.com. You can still get to it via the blogger address, but it's nice that the domain works too. I've had it for a couple of years. Had grandiose designs for it too. Finally gave it up, killed the hosting, and pointed the DNS here. :o)

I keep thinking of an old M.A.S.H. episode that was about NYE - Col. Potter was dressed up like Father Time and giving a toast to the 4077th as they ring in 1952 and hoping 'may she be a damn sight better' than the previous year. Well I have the same sentiment for 2009 and have very high hopes that it's a damn sight better than it's predecessor. For everyone. May you all find your joy in 2009, and if you've found it, may it sustain throughout the coming year and years to come.


Something accomplished.

Despite feeling like absolute crap today, I accomplished two things:

1. I got my new DVD player to work with my TV-that's-too-old-to-work-with-said-DVD-player-right-out-of-the-box. I was able to buy an $18 gizmo (a stereo RF modulator) and an s-video cable. That paired with the (now) old-skool red/white/yellow cable got me back in business and able to watch movies on something besides my laptop or the Xbox.

2. I have made peace (kindasorta) with the colony of grey hair that has decided to take up residence on my head. Most people worry about roots because that means dark roots are showing; I worry about roots because that means there's that pesky colony of grey. I'm going to give 'going natural' a go. Well at least until vanity gets the best of me.

Yes, I know this doesn't have anything remotely to do with being artsy or crafty. But I still haven't launched my other blog. Bear with me! :o)


Top 10 Artsy Things I Hope to Accomplish in 2009...

10. Learn to knit socks. I've always wanted to. Just been very intimidated. Elaine gave me this great book that will teach me how. in 2009 I plan to crack it open and give it a whirl.

9. Finish those two paintings that are tormenting me.

8. Knit a hat. I'm starting small. Literally. I'm making a hat for my cousin's little girl. After all, she needs something that matches the tangerine scarf I made for her. :o)

7. Finish re-finishing my desk. Now while this doesn't necessarily qualify as 'artsy,' my desk brings me a certain amount of zen. The zen stimulates the muse, which stimulates creativity. I've recently started working at my old 'homework desk' again. It's awesome. It's very zen. And now I need to finish sanding off the old finish and apply the new mahogany stain and brushed silver drawer pulls.

6. Put something into my art journal every day. Be it a doodle (love me some doodles) an idea for a quilt, some general writing, or even some creative lettering. I'm going to start that habit again. It's good for me.

5. Make a quilt.

4. Sew a cool bag

3. Make a mixed-media piece out of my dearly-departed Nano

2. Start at least 3 new paintings that I know will torment me to no end.

1. Photograph something. Every day.


Bathrobes. Whoda thunk it?

Here's an interesting little factoid for you all - a very large number of visitors to this blog landed here by Googling 'bathrobes' or something to do with bathrobes. I find it hilarious considering I don't even own such an item. I owe it all to Bathrobe Mom and my walk down Memory Lane remembering that odd little woman.

A very Happy Christmas to one and all! :o)



Damn. I haven't posted in nearly two months. That is a helluva long time. Part of it is because I've been busy as shit. The other part is I'm trying to change things up again.

Let me explain...

This blog originally started up for me to post random thoughts. Mostly about my artwork and photos and music and stuff.

Then it morphed into my babbling about my boring-ass life.

Then it became my personal soapbox when I decided to regain control over my own destiny and not just sit idly by and let shit happen. Because as we've all been made too painfully aware I'm sure, life is just too short to sit idly by.
(Disclaimer - I still totally go with the flow. As always. But I'd gotten way too complacent about too many things.)

Then I cut that shit out because... well... It really wasn't all that productive. I pretty much have all that out of my system. So now I'm back to random thoughts. Random observations. Miscellaneous rants.

Now I'm thinking I need a different forum for all that. I mean it's all well and good to babble about that stuff here, but I also have my Facebook. But I really feel like this site has gotten a bit off track, and I really need a separate outlet for the random crap that pops into my head. Besides Facebook.

So here we are. Nearing the end of 2008. Perfect time to change things up (again) right?

Stay tuned, my pretties. The overhaulin' is about to begin! :o)