Top 10 Artsy Things I Hope to Accomplish in 2009...

10. Learn to knit socks. I've always wanted to. Just been very intimidated. Elaine gave me this great book that will teach me how. in 2009 I plan to crack it open and give it a whirl.

9. Finish those two paintings that are tormenting me.

8. Knit a hat. I'm starting small. Literally. I'm making a hat for my cousin's little girl. After all, she needs something that matches the tangerine scarf I made for her. :o)

7. Finish re-finishing my desk. Now while this doesn't necessarily qualify as 'artsy,' my desk brings me a certain amount of zen. The zen stimulates the muse, which stimulates creativity. I've recently started working at my old 'homework desk' again. It's awesome. It's very zen. And now I need to finish sanding off the old finish and apply the new mahogany stain and brushed silver drawer pulls.

6. Put something into my art journal every day. Be it a doodle (love me some doodles) an idea for a quilt, some general writing, or even some creative lettering. I'm going to start that habit again. It's good for me.

5. Make a quilt.

4. Sew a cool bag

3. Make a mixed-media piece out of my dearly-departed Nano

2. Start at least 3 new paintings that I know will torment me to no end.

1. Photograph something. Every day.

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