Something accomplished.

Despite feeling like absolute crap today, I accomplished two things:

1. I got my new DVD player to work with my TV-that's-too-old-to-work-with-said-DVD-player-right-out-of-the-box. I was able to buy an $18 gizmo (a stereo RF modulator) and an s-video cable. That paired with the (now) old-skool red/white/yellow cable got me back in business and able to watch movies on something besides my laptop or the Xbox.

2. I have made peace (kindasorta) with the colony of grey hair that has decided to take up residence on my head. Most people worry about roots because that means dark roots are showing; I worry about roots because that means there's that pesky colony of grey. I'm going to give 'going natural' a go. Well at least until vanity gets the best of me.

Yes, I know this doesn't have anything remotely to do with being artsy or crafty. But I still haven't launched my other blog. Bear with me! :o)

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Elaine said...

Leaving the colony is an artistic choice. You're rebelling against the colony. It totally counts.