Cool Breezes and Bathrobes

Tonight I am enjoying a glorious evening of cool air. Yes! Finally relief from all the friggin' heat.

I tell you the cool, damp air is absolutely phenomenal. When I left the gym tonight it was nice and cool with a wonderful breeze. Later on it actually *RAINED*. This is one of those nights where when I was a kid I'd be out setting up my big orange tent (from the 70s!) and sleeping out in the backyard. Rain or no rain. Kind of makes me wonder what happened to that tent. I'm sure my Dad pitched it the last time they moved. That tent rocked.

**Update** I have been informed by my little Mom-a-la, who remembers freaking everything, that my kick-ass orange tent fell victim to a very bad puppy dog circa 1993. Carry on... **

Hell, left to my own devices I'd just grab a blanket and a pillow and crash out in the middle of my strip o' grass right now. Tempting. Very tempting.

So many things today have triggered memories of when I was a kid. Even funny ones. Like this odd woman (aka Bathrobe Mom) who always walked her daughter to school... in her bathrobe. We're talking down the street, around the cul-de-sac, through the little pathway to the school, across the ball fields and the playground, right on up to the classroom door. After about a year Bathrobe Mom simply walked her daughter as far as the top of the cul-de-sac and went on her way. So weird.

The funniest part was when my school had the Fall Bazaar. Bathrobe Mom volunteered at the Bake Sale Table. She was actually dressed for the event. She combed her hair too. Of course when the sighting was reported back to my Dad his first question was "did she show up in her jammies carrying a pillow?"

I vow not to be Bathrobe Mom. I have plenty of other quirks that will inevitably embarrass my kid. He doesn't need the added humiliation of Mom walking him to school in her bathrobe. Well that and I don't actually *own* a bathrobe...

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