Slipping already

Ok so I'm not doing a very good job of that 'photo-a-day' thing for 2009. So far I have only taken photos on January 1. Today I know I will because it snowed and stuff tends to look cool when it snows.

So does only having an account of 363 out of 365 days make me the Queen Slacker?

(must get that photo blog started... must get that photo blog started...)


Elaine said...

This is exactly why I didn't decide to do this challenge. Because I couldn't even manage to get a photo a day taken in DECEMBER for my December Daily album, which is made and ready to go for 2009 (woohoo!). So I was quite certain that I'd be an insta-failure at the 365-day challenge, too.

Violet said...

Here's the sad thing - I'm not even formally participating in this challenge. It's just a crazy whim I came up with over the past couple of weeks. I guess I can slide a bit seeing as I didn't actually commit to the challenge then, right? ;o)