I Voted.

Now please...

- Stop calling me wanting me to vote on your referenda/for your candidate. While you're at it, stop trying to get me to vote for McCain. Newsflash - I've been a registered Democrat for 17 years and I do not see that changing anytime soon.

- Stop with the stupid commercials. I've been over them since mid-Summer. I really wish there were a switch that was flipped once someone casts their vote that automatically stops the stream of drivel and nonsense from invading my TV. Thank God for TIVO!

- Don't knock on my door no' mo'. I realize you have your favorite candidate for whom you are canvassing the neighborhood (or at least getting paid some pittance to do so), but it's a done deal. Also, take note of the yard signs and the bumper magnets.

Ah, if only we lived in a perfect world...

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