Frustrated and Restless

I have absitively, posalutely, gotta get the hell outta Dodge. Soon. Before I completely lose my mind. I don't think my work trip the end of the month is going to cut it.

All of this 'big change in my life' stuff is driving me batty yet again. Well, rather someone who's the #1 reason this change is happening (and not in a good way) is the driving force behind it. Going to drive the whole lot of us straight to the looney bin.

It's days like these I am so thankful I have the support of the family and friends that I do. I really don't know what I'd do without everyone and I'm really wishing I'd been able to trust that I had that support a lot sooner. I doubt things would be going any smoother (in fact I know they wouldn't be), but I think I'd have been in a much better place sooner.

So, anyone just dying to see me? Anyone want a house guest for a few days? Moreover, anyone up for an adventure? I know I am...


Menjiness said...

I am just a plane ride away, come on over!

agent713 said...

Sure, come on up. You've always wanted to see the Northern section of the Rockies right? ;)