He's keeping it real.

Last night at dinner Ethan was hell-bent on having a donut. Right then. Immediately. Do not pass 'go,' do not collect $200. I swear this kid is going to turn into a donut. A Krispy Kreme specifically.

Me: "When you've had a few more bites of chicken, then we'll talk donuts."
Ethan: "Mommy, I'm eating my chicken, yo."

He's 'eating his chicken, yo????'

Apparently he's keeping it real. However, should he ask me to 'hook a brotha up,' I'm going to have to take a serious look at what this kid's been watching on TV. Last I checked 'Yo MTV Raps' went off the air years ago.

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Lee said...

I constantly remind my kids that their "hood" is a milk toast suburb. There ain't no yo to be found for kilometres!

Very funny.