More insanity.

I just wish I could have one day. Just one. Where shit isn't hitting the fan.

Today was monumentally bad. Monumentally. Insanely. Major bad.

Thank god for those who make me laugh on a daily basis. You all know who you are. Kookiness. Insane dorkdom. Blondeness. Pure crazy. Inane, but silly comments. That's what's getting me through right now. That and big smiles from a certain 4-year-old.

I've got a lotta crap to sort through right now. A lot. I'm hoping a change of scenery. Or two. Or three. Might help. God I hope so...


Lee said...

I'm here to laugh at any time you need me :) Wish I could make all the bad go away ....

Martha said...

Hey girlfriend...follow my lead: I quit my job today! :)
Ok, so it wasn't much of a job but I feel mucho better.

Hoping happier days are just around the corner for you too!
Until then...tequilla not only makes your clothes fall off, it also helps you forget the troubles of the day!