Apparently it's Spring...

Now stop snowing, dammit! Spring means it gets warm. And my tulips start sprouting (which they are!). Grass starts turning green (instead of the disgusting, matted brown it currently is). Leaves sprout. It stops freaking snowing. And I live in flip-flops on a daily basis. Oh. Wait. I live in flip-flops on a daily basis whether it's Spring or not. I forgot.

Now for the record, only one house on my street has green grass. Freakishly green. We're talking this-shit-cannot-be-real green. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that the woman who owns the house is doing a TruGreen ChemLawn dude... She has to be. I've observed him dealing with the lawn, then letting himself in the house bearing a ginormous bunch of roses. Then leave. Then show up later on in his tricked-out car. Which would stay parked there a long long time.

Today was actually a good day for me. Finally had Ethan's birthday party at Build-A-Bear (aka The Teddy Bear Store). Kids were really well behaved at the store itself (shockedy-shock-shock). Pretty much everyone participated, which was cool. I got a beer and wings at Champp's. :o) Important stuff you know. I'll post pics once my lazy self pulls them off the camera.

This evening was capped off by puking child. We're talking projectile. We're talking my next place will not have one fiber of carpet because do you know what a pain in the ass it is to get puke and the puke smell out of carpet???? So needless to say, Easter eggs did not get dyed this evening. I scored a really cool Star Wars kit too. I guess we can dye them tomorrow morning. Nothing says you can't dye Easter eggs actually *on* Easter, right?

So nothing is open tomorrow. Except like Country Buffet. I guess I have run out of reasons to procrastinate and should actually get ready for my trip to Chicago on Monday. You know. Pack and stuff.

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Mel said...

That is funny about the eggs... here it is the Thursday after Easter and we still have hard boiled eggs sitting in the refridgertor waiting to be dyed!!