Bad week. Bad day. But a silver lining.

This week has been crap. Like really really crap. Nothing major mind you. Just... I think trying would be a good word. My "Monday" has managed to bleed into my Tuesday and my Wednesday. Work-related stress mostly. Which doesn't help with the stress caused from the other things I have going on in my world right now. Not elaborating on that just yet. I will. I promise.

I think today was about the worst for me. I'm really tired. I'm really sore from two-a-days at the gym. I've been dealing with one fire drill after another at work and needy customers. Today I had to schedule payments for bills and that just sets me off regardless of the kind of day I happen to be having. I'm probably PMS-ing. And I've got those winter blues pretty big time. To top it off, IM was being snotty. My internet was being snotty. And I had to re-boot my computer several times today. I think I spent a good part of the day looking for a fork to stick in me (because I was so done) or a nice hot poker to stick in my eye.

And you know what? The craziest shit got me through. Insane chats with Aim over all the stupidity in the world. There's lots. Feigning complete and utter disgust at D's obsession with Lindsay Lohan getting nekkid (dude, you realize you need help. Like seriously. Like you're 18 years older than her for god's sake!). One was a so just-waitin'-for-HR-to-scold-us convo between me and my partner in crime involving using low-cut shirts as a means of begging forgiveness for breaking stuff. I laughed so hard. The other was one of those "throw it all out there" convos with a new friend (well not sure if this person considers me a friend, but considering the massive amounts of over-sharing going on, qualifies as a friend in my book). It was no different than our usual inane conversation when we're just so done with talking about work. But it made me feel better. And I don't know if you even read this website, but I just want to say thank you. For being you. For making me laugh. Because I really needed it today. For making me feel comfortable enough to just throw it all out there. And that your parting words to me made me smile. Seriously. You rock.

Now what? Well. After dealing with the complete and utter disappointment after realizing LOST is not on tonight (no Sawyer-oogling for me!) I think I'll find a good movie to watch. Right now I really like Catch and Release. But considering my mood, I might just watch Titanic. Back when I had the short-lived-job-from-hell, I think I watched it on a nightly basis. Something about natural disasters and ship wrecks I guess can make the situation your in not seem quite so bad. Or rather "Hmmmm... I guess it could be worse. I could be drowning in the icy waters of the North Atlantic in 1912. Sucks."


D said...

I am NOT obsessed with LL. For god's sake - she's nice to look at, ok. Plus you like to make mountains out of mole hills at my expense and you know that's really hurtful (sniff sniff). And last I checked there's only a 16-year difference. You make me sound like a dirty old man... So there ;) -D

Violet said...

I think you'll get over it. ;o) Besides, the first step towards getting over your obsession is admitting you have a problem.