There's a change in the wind

No, we're not moving. At least not yet. No, I'm going to change my url to RandomMusings.blogspot.com. Sometime this weekend. Maybe even today. Naw - I won't be that mean. According to the Blogger dorkumentation, this url should still be active for a while. Nevertheless, be prepared to update your blogrolls, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and such should you wander back over here with the hopes of reading about the random crap in my head du jour, and find that everything is gone. The URL had better still be there, that's all I gotta say.

Now here's the pondering thought of the day - what is it with these crackerjack celebs who think it's perfectly OK to record incredibly personal and/orembarrasing moments that inevitably will get leaked out to the public? First we had Pam and Tommy and their honeymoon video; then there was Paris and Shannen Doherty's ex doin' the humpty-hump; then we have Alec Baldwin berating his kind in a voice mail message; now we have David Hasselhoff, pissed out of his mind, with his kid taping the whole thing and trying to shame him into sobriety. The latter is just sad. Sad and wrong.

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