Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh. Ok.

I am not happy. I repeat - not. happy. Turns out someone's already snagged my coveted Random Musings url. I even went out to GoDaddy, figuring I'd just buy a URL. No. Dice. Back to the ol' drawing board. Fear not - I'll come up with something clever. I hope.

In other news, my new MacBook Pro is in da hizzy. I love it. I'm glad I got talked into buying it. Plus the discount with Apple through my agency helps out too. I got the 15" 2.33 GHz model w/glossy screen. I must say, the glossy screen is-a mighty nice. It's fast too. Total piece of cake to move all my schtuff from the old laptop onto the new one (gotta love the Mac!), and apparently it's going to be just as easy to set up XP. Yes, I know - blasphemy, but this will eliminate the need to continue hanging on to my aging PC laptop and I get the convenience of two OS's in one shiny, silver case!

ScrappingViolet.com is coming along. There's nothing to see at the moment because the bulk of the work is behind-the-scenes stuff. I think I'm going to need to stop by Barnes & Noble this evening and pick up the Visual QuickStart Guide for WordPress. I'm only technical enough to be "dangerous" and the dangerousness only gets you so far when you're trying to beat an application into submission. I have zero patience with support forums, so we'll try the book route. I really want to get some ideas rolling as well as some discussion on altering techniques.

I downloaded some more great tunes this week. In addition to rocking out to Ozzy's new tune, I also grabbed the new Enigma remixes album (A Posteriori (Private Lounge Remixes), as well as this new tune by Moguai called Get On (Hyper Remix). It's very catchy. I loved it the minute it was played on the Sirius Boombox Channel 34. Sorry, no iTunes links for this. It's so easy to search iTunes, plus I don't like how the song links come through. If you want a shortcut over to iTunes, check out one of the many links I have scattered around here.

Rock on!

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