Last week we were fixing to build an ark. This week we're trying to stay cool. It's triple digits in the Mile High City this week, folks! I really dislike extreme hot weather. "Oh, but it's a *DRY* heat." Horse hockey. It's hot. Freaking hot. Miserable hot. And I'm really, really, REALLY scared to see my electric bill this month!

It's 9:30 a.m. and already it's 85 degrees outside. I know I will elicit absolutely NO sympathy from those in Arizona, but I'm alright with that. The only good news is that it doesn't get as hot where I live as it does actually IN downtown Denver or out at the airport where the "official" temperature is recorded.

With this heat wave has come an unexpected wave of job openings in my field and interest area, plus many calls from recruiters. I have an interview and a "meet and greet" with a staffing agency already set up for this week. In addition, I found a posting for a part-time job that pays well and is right up my alley. Doing my own thing has been great, but there's some minuses too. People that don't want to pay what the job is worth. People that expect miracles. Extremely difficult clients. I have three good clients right now. I'll probably hang onto them moving forward, even if I end up with a full-time gig, because they're great to work with and don't require tons of attention during the day. We'll see. I'm also anxious for a steady paycheck again. I tend to obsess over weird stuff, so the getting paid once a month and hoping I don't have to chase people down for payment really doesn't sit too well with me sometimes! ;o) Wish me luck!

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