Called of on account of rain

For the past week it's done nothing but rain. And I mean RAIN. We're about ready to start gathering materials for an ark. The good news is, although weather like this seems unseasonable for July, we do need the moisture. In prior weeks the fire danger has been extreme. Plus it's saved on our water bill. On the flip side, parts of the state are experiencing flooding, and gosh darn it the grass needs to be mowed if it would only dry out!

Yesterday seemed the perfect day to head down to the Renaissance Festival. It was overcast and misting lightly. Normally you roast to death because no matter what weekend you choose to head down to the festival, the weather seems to decide to be scorching hot with not a speck of cloud in the sky. With the cool-ish weather and the Nexrad looking like we wouldn't get poured on until much later in the day, we headed out. Plus it was wine celebration weekend!

The Nexrad (and weather.com for that matter) LIED. So did the seeming "break in the cloud cover."

Castle Rock seemed ok. Damp, drizzling, but promising. Just before we hit Larkspur, I noticed large raindrops. By the time we exited it was raining pretty good. Bummer!

We pressed on, thinking we'd see how bad it was and if the rain let up. It didn't and it was bad. Lots of standing water, mud, and " mini canals" carved out of the earth by the water. Nope, no Ren Fest today! People did brave the weather - armed with umbrellas, dressed in rain slickers and ponchos. To us, that's no way to enjoy your day. Well, we have been known to brave Disneyland in the rain, but there's generally no mud at Disneyland.

Disappointed, but not defeated, we turned around and headed back to the freeway. Alternate plans were discussed. Since Mr. E was snoozing, we'd let him sleep and bypass the outlet mall. Besides, the rain had picked up and an outdoor mall during a rain storm isn't exactly the most pleasant experience anyway. Instead we headed back to the shopping mecca for lunch at PF Chang's and a bit of shopping.

Did I mention Sephora just opened at said shopping mecca? Indeed it did. Crowded, but I was able to pick up the two items I use most, am currently out of, desperately need, and not pay shipping or have to wait until a trip to SoCal to get them! Evil Arbree wouldn't approve, but I really don't care what she thinks. I like what I like and I have skin allergies so she can just get over herself. I have a rant about that too, but we'll save that for another post.

I also scored the Lemon Bread Pan from Williams Sonoma at half price. Mr. E was fascinated with the Transportation Cookie Cutter Set, but it'll have to wait for another time. I love that store. They have such cool and cute things.

I have no pics from the day to share. Yes, I'm a slacker. I didn't even think to take a pic of the lemon bread I made when we got home to break in the new pan. Ah well.

I guess we'll try to go to Ren Fest again this weekend pending it doesn't rain all weekend again.

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Martha said...

So, I"m making an assumption that you'll be bringing lemon bread to Boulder in September, right?
Wasn't this rain something else? I thought I"d been transported back to VA when I wasn't looking..