Simply an unbearably hot day

It is hot out today. I mean HOT. Hotter than hot. According to weather.com, it's 94 degrees outside. It's supposed to get up to 99 today. I swear I'm gonna melt. My friends and family in SoCal are complaining about the "June Gloom." I'll take that ANY DAY over this!

It's so hot, it brings the crazy people out - like the woman driving in front of me. She had her right turn signal on for over a mile, so I hung back a little just in case she decided she was actually going to turn. Then she turned it off. We went like this for about half a mile until she decided she was in fact going to turn right. Without using her turn signal. Grrr.

I felt sorry for this other woman I passed. She was waiting for the bus with her two small children, but the bus stop wasn't shaded. It didn't even have a bench to sit on. I hope her bus came along shortly so she and her two little ones wouldn't have to wait in the heat for much longer. I did wonder for a bit where she and her children were headed. Was it to a doctor's appointment? To the mall? To a friend's house? To the pool to cool off?

I should probably find a useful way to spend my time today. Like setting my computer back up and getting my May invoices and updated contracts out. It all depends on how toasty my computer room is today.

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