It's still hot out.

But apparently it's supposed to cool down soon. A lovely cold front has already made its way to Salt Lake, so I imagine it should arrive here shortly. Please. Soon.

Everytime I ventured outside today (all 3 brief times) I felt like I was walking into a blow dryer or a heater vent. Not only was it hot, but the wind was blowing really hard. I could feel every bit of moisture being sucked out of my body. It's only a matter of time before I'm all shriveled like one of those mummies you see on The Discovery Channel. The good news is the peppers and tomatoes love it.

In other news I finally fit into another pair of pre-pregnancy shorts. My son is like, only TWO now? I was able to fit mostly comfortably into a circa 2003 pair of Tommy Hilfiger denim shorts. I was quite impressed. The bad news is my body shifted around so much, while the fit, they just don't fit like they did three years ago. Ah well. Since I really don't want those weird bermuda shorts, and I'm not sure about the gaucho pants, plus I have no business buying those $130 capris at Banana, these will have to do.

I can't belive it's already Wednesday. Time passed so much more slowly when I was at the Evil Empire.


Martha said...

I feel your pain over here in Centennial! It is like a dryer with no stinking sensor...just keeps tumbling around and around...until you want to just scream!

Living in my very cool basement these days...

violet said...

Yeah, me too. Our basement isn't finished but it's a heck of a lot cooler than in my upstairs office!

The good news is we got some relief today.