Sugar, sugar

I witnessed something rather odd and a slight bit disturbing while having coffee with a friend this morning. There was a woman standing at the sugar/creamer/napkin station who was putting massive amounts of sugar into her coffee. I mean mas.sive. My friend initially noticed her. This gal was taking 4-5 packets at a time and dumping them in. I think she repeated it 2-3 times, then tasted it, and resumed dumping. more. sugar. in. We were totally dumbfounded.

The funny thing is she noticed that we were watching and commenting and was like "yeah, I like a lot of sugar in my coffee. I'd just drink liquid sugar if I could."

I told her "you know, they do sell the liquid sweetener syrup..."

She chuckled and explained that she's drank coffee since she was a wee little thing and it was ok because she grew up in Germany and everyone drinks mass quantities of coffee at a young age. Crack. Me. Up.

Hey, at least she was good natured about it. And judging from her explanation it was clear that we weren't the first people she's had to explain her sugar addiction to. Apparently, the baristas know her habits so well they even fill her cup up a tad less to leave room for the sugar and the little bit of cream!

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