I am a nightowl.

I stay up late. Way too late. Like for example... right now!
I am not the least bit tired, but I'll probably try and crash out here in a few.
Sad thing is I can go to bed at 2am and get back up in a few hours. I really don't require that much sleep.

I'm told I've always been like this. I was one of those little ones who simply would not go down at 8pm. Or 9pm. Maybe 10pm.
Mr. Ethan is the same way, although some nights he is so darned tired out he crashes before 8pm. Of course then I must deal with the restless child who must get out of bed and start bugging me at 6am. Or earlier.

I don't know why I'm like this. I guess it's just the way I'm wired.
Perhaps it's because I'm such a spaz by nature.
Right now I am not the least bit sleepy.
The only thing that sucks is the selection of what's on this late at night. Not much of anything. I stick to movies or music for background noise. Or no noise at all and just have the white noise of my fan.

I used to get tons done this time of night. Cleaning. Bill paying. News junkie-ing.
Now I just read. Or design stuff. Or catch up on the blogs and news sites I frequent.
I had to stop emailing people because they'd freak out getting a message from me at 2am.

Sometimes it feels "lonely." Other times I really enjoy the solitude.
There are times when I wish I lived somewhere like New York or Chicago. Where you know there's something going on this late at night. That is if I'm so inclined to go out.

I know there has got to be other oddballs like me. Those who like to stay up late for whatever reason. Who can also get right back up and be functional. After a good amount of coffee...

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