Do not pass 'Go,' do not collect $200...

Go. See. Iron Man. Now. Just do it. So worth the $10. Just don't get the popcorn. Movie theatre popcorn is narsty.

I'm going to see it again. If nothing else, to oogle the oogle-worthy Robert Downey Jr., and of course, Terrence Howard. Well that and to catch anything I may have missed the first viewing.

I mean hello - HAWT:


Oh lookee here... HOTTIE!


In all seriousness, special effects rocked it and weren't overdone. Directing was great - Favs rocked it, plus snuck in a small role himself. The casting was excellent. Robert Downey Jr. was PERFECT for this role. I don't think they could have picked a better actor. Same goes for Terrence Howard. Jeff Bridges, AWESOME. Although I could have taken or left Gwyneth. Boring. As usual. Go see it anyway.

As for me, yes I will be shelling out another $10 plus another $10 for a pretzel and a bucket o'Coke. I'll also be seriously considering the purchase of a Blu-Ray DVD player. Because I have to have the *good* version when it's released on DVD, right?


Martha said...

Thanks for the positive review. Is it ok for the almost 9/and 11 yr old boys to see it? We're pretty casual parents in terms of rating worries...as our nightly family ritual involves watching the Simpsons if that gives you an idea on what we're ok with the boys seeing.

PS: Love me some robbie d., jr! :)

Violet said...

Hmmmm... If they're good with action flicks then it should be OK for them. One thing I liked about this movie was the lack of 'blood 'n' guts.' Plenty of opportunity for it, but they left it kind of 'shadowed." I say take 'em! I'd take my 4 yr old if I didn't think it would give him nightmares...

Lee said...

Love the review of the movie and RDjr! Personal preference: Jeff Bridges. Might just have to pack up the family and go!