Live Life. Be a Bitch.

I think I've got the best one-liner from my chat with E this evening. "Nice people have stalkers. Bitchy people, like myself, do not."

I also like my rebuttal - "Nor do scary people, like me!"

A mutual friend of ours has managed to get herself a couple of "stalkers." Not the scary-ass kind, like the ones that left me no other choice than to shut down my old site. No, these are just fans or admirers who simply want to hang out with the "cool kids." Nothing wrong with that, but don't make a needy pest of yourself at the same time, ya know?

There's something to be said for bitchiness. For one, people just don't mess with you. For two, so long as you're not overly bitchy, being a bitch garners you some respect. Plus the creepy psycho types just leave you alone. Well unless they're into that sort of thing, in which case you're just screwed.


Lee said...

This is freaking hysterical. Truly laugh out loud brilliant. Thanks so much for this ;) Embrace the inner bitch.

agent713 said...

Long live the bitches LOL

Violet said...

I can't take full credit - Elaine helped! :)

D said...

Oh man, you are freaking awesome! Glad to see your true self finally coming out of hiding. Now hurry up and get that t-shirt made! -D