Ever had one of those days where...

...you pull out an old, favorite pair of black capris, only to find out they're maternity capris. Ok, so you figure they'll be a little big, but that's OK because they have a drawstring. Besides, nobody can really *tell* they're maternity, right? WRONG.


Plus they're now really, really big. I've lost 12 lbs over the past six weeks. Well worth it I must say. Almost makes choking down diet food worth it. I can't really bash the food. On the whole it hasn't been bad. But I'm not a fan of canned *anything* unless it's organic tomatos or beans. After a week of eating canned-ish dinners, I was totally craving some grilled fish, brown rice, and veggies. Who's ever heard of someone craving *that*? I'm kicking it over to Weight Watchers frozen dinners. Now. If I can't do fresh, I'll take frozen. Frozen is good as long as it hasn't sat in the freezer for a long time.

Currently I'm craving some crab legs. Big time. Likely due in part to my current addiction to Deadliest Catch. Especially king crab season. Every time those guys catch a really big king crab my mouth literally starts watering thinking of how nice those crab legs would be steamed with lemon and garlic butter. Sam's had some. Frozen, of course (it's not king crab season!). Problem is I don't know how to prepare them. So I'll very (im)patiently wait until King Crab Fest at either Landry's or Fresh Fish Company.

I really shouldn't be wasting time on the interwebz today. I've got a ton of projects to work on and I'm working half a day tomorrow. Mr. E's school is closing early tomorrow so they can do something special for the teachers to cap off Teacher Appreciation Week. When I take my real break here in a few, I need to finish up the cards I'm making for Ethan's teachers, then I need to head over to the Body Shop to pick up some gift cards. I'm making a card for each teacher he's had since he started, so there will be at least four cards total. I'll post pics once they're finished.

But for now, back to the grind...


agent713 said...

I wish I was craving fish and brown rice. Unfortunately my cravings lean a little more towards foods that would make those pants fit :(
Well done on losing that weight!

Amy said...

Cravings and pulling out maternity pants..hummmmmmmmm. Is there something you would like to tell us? Is Mr. E going to be a big brother?

Violet said...

Bite your tongue, woman!