Check it out: ScrappingViolet.com.

At this point I have the basic template design installed and a lame "hello world" message for now. I'm working on uploading a new template this evening and getting some discussion points posted. Be sure to check it out over the next few days and watch the "transformation!"

With that set up, it brings into question the fate of this blog. Don't panic - I'm not going anywhere! I just wonder if I should change the name of this blog so I can keep my musings and ScrappingViolet.com separate. What I'm thinking of doing is simply calling this blog randommusings.blogspot.com. After all, it is Random Musings by me, the Random Muse. aka Violet. aka ScrappyGirl. aka Miss Lissa. Last time I was thinking of just changing my URL, it was, in fact, available. Don't worry - I'll give everyone fair warning. That and I'll update any blog rolls I happen to be on.

In the meantime, back to the ol' grind...

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