May the light of the holidays shine upon you!

Although Christmas itself was a few days ago, I still consider myself to be smack in the midst of the holiday season. For me, it doesn't end until the last champagne cork pops and the final bar of Auld Lange Syne has faded into the din of the party.

No, the holidays are still alive and well. Most shops are decorated festively. At least until about this time next week. Maybe sooner. Our tree is still up and lit. Our outdoor lights are as well. The latter because due to the excessive amount of snow we received last week and within the past 24 hours, it's gonna be a while before we're able to dig some of those lights out.

This is what our front yard and lights looked like during the storm.

This is what they looked like after. They melted a bit over the week, but then we got zonked again with Round 2. Not quite as bad, but still annoying.

The brilliant part is how the lights look on the snow.

We had some "Santa's Runway" lights along the south side of the driveway but they are shorter lights and you really can't see them right now. Right before the second storm hit you could see the red and green lights shining under the snow. A couple of the lights were again visible due to melting, but now they're all covered up again. I'll have to remember to snap a few pics when the snow gets back to that point again.

I consider the light of the holidays really to be so much more than outdoor lights, lit Christmas trees (dare I say) the mall decor, or even festive holiday candles. The light of the holidays is the whole spirit of the season and how it makes you feel. Joyous, happy, content, excited, wishful. It can give you a sense of hope. It can make you reflect - both on the current year and years passed. The delight of spending time with friends and family. For me, it's a little of all of the above, mixed in with a little sadness that there are some who I didn't get to spend this holiday with. Partly due to distance and partly due to the fact that they've passed with the years. I've only got a few days left of the holidays really, and I'm going to enjoy every last moment there is. We have a party with friends to attend and I've got all New Year's Day before I even have to think about taking down the tree. Revel in the spirit of the season my friends, for while it seems that Christmas seems to drag on sometimes, it's really only here for a few fleeting moments and glimpses, then it fades away until next year. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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