I'm a Christmas card cop-out.

I had grand ideas (delusions) this year. I was going to make a whole batch of super-cute, hand-made, hand-stamped, holiday cards. Some with pictures, some without. I even had my first run of cards cut and scored, a veritable canvas just waiting for me to go to town. Then I ran out of time and just plain got un-motivated.

Part of it may have to do with the whole saga of getting Ethan's Christmas portraits taken. Took us three tries to get in at Kiddie Kandids, which I'll spare you the gory details. We got the pics, they're uber cute. Nevermind the fact that had I been able to get in when I wanted to, perhaps the custom cards would have materialized.

While we were selecting the prints and other stuff we wanted out of the package, I looked at the pics and the cute borders the photographer was showing me and said, "you know what? These pics rock, the borders are cute, print me up 36 of these and now my whole Christmas card problem is solved." I feel like a total sell-out. I could have spent the weekend inking, stamping, cutting, scoring, folding, and heat embossing. Applying the random brad, ribbon, or other hardware. But I'm not. Instead I will spend this afternoon and probably some time tomorrow addressing cards and adding a little note here and there. Don't ask me why I get this idea (and the associated guilt) to where I think I need to be going to all these elaborate extremes. I know the recipients will enjoy their cards and I need to take comfort in that thought. I *am* spreading joy, just in a different way.

So for your viewing pleasure, here's the two poses I chose for the cards. If you're on my Christmas card list, you might want to stop reading now!

Happy Holidays!

Slacker Mom


agent713 said...

The good news is, the pictures turned out great!!! :)
~Heidi...about halfway done her cards...

Martha said...

Adorable!!! And guess what, I'm proud of you for taking the road less traveled! Living over there in Stepford land, well, I can understand where those tendancies to overachieve come from. But, you must resist! :)

As I say to myself a lot lately: 'Tis the Season to move on (although today's forecast for snow suggests we won't be doing much moving of any sort will we?)