Oh the places you'll go... and the schtuff you carry with you!

Continuing in my Blog Challenge saga, in which I'm learning an awful lot about myself, this week we were challenged to document the contents of our purse/wallet/briefcase/diaper bag, etc. So I did! smile

Let me first say that for the sake of time and blog real estate, we will not be exploring the contents of this little gem, my laptop backpack. As you can see, there are a LOT of little pockets and such, which I have managed to fill with schtuff. And seeing as how I'm travelling this weekend, I'd be here all day lugging stuff out and documenting it, then spend more time putting it all back in.

Laptop Backpack

I digress...

Today, we'll explore a much smaller counterpart to the laptop backpack, my happy Nike sport drawstring backpack that I take to the gym, outdoor excursions, and of course when I'm on vacation as it makes the perfect bag to lug all the schtuff I need on a trip, with easy access to all my things, and room to add more things! smile

My Nike Bag

Deep in the recesses of this snappy, bright blue bag bearing the Nike logo we will find:

1- Almost overstuffed red, Fossil wallet bearing a cool butterfly design
1- Tube of the most awesome hand lotion on the planet
1- Small bottle of hand sanitizer ('cause you just never know...)
1- Pack of Kleenex
1- Small bottle of Aveda lotion snagged from the hotel room
1- Bottle of eye drops for when my contacts dry out on me, which seems to be often
2- Packets of Lipton "Green Tea To Go" to spice up that water bottle
1- P.O.S. cell phone that will be replaced as soon as Cingular offers the Razr in Magenta
1- Lip gloss
2- Lip balm
1- Lipstick in my favorite shade, MAC's Viva Glam V
1- Google pen
1- Pen and notepad from the Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco
2- Receipts for wine purchased at Cline Cellars and Kaz Vineyard & Winery
1- Wine tasting list from Cline Cellars
1- Macy's gift card
1- Williams Sonoma gift card
1- 3-day MUNI passport so I can get around San Francisco a little quicker and not have to fumble for cashola
1- Black iPod Nano in a spiffy pink case
1- "Ralph" sunglass case containing my sunglasses and hubby's sunglass clip
1- Random barrette
1- "Princess" baseball cap ('cause I am!)
1- Cleaning cloth for...
1- Digital camera (not pictured 'cause it was taking the picture!)

My Nike Bag

Sometimes I also have gum or candy in the bag. Gum's gone. So's the candy. I shall replenish before we head out for dim sum today!

The contents of the bag vary, based on what I'm doing and where we're going.

If my son is with me, I may have a sippy cup and some crackers for him in there, maybe a diaper, wipes, and a change of clothes as well so I don't have to lug around the diaper bag. You'd be amazed at what I can fit in this thing.

For the gym, my iPod, arm band for said iPod, baseball cap, towel, water bottle, keyes, sunglasses, rec center or 24 Hour Fitness membership cards, and a notebook listing out my exercises, reps, and the amount of weight I used the last time.

It's a versatile bag, but not one I tend to use everywhere. It's just for more active activities. For others, I generally use one of my nicer bags so I don't look like a complete slouch.

Boy, I carry a lot! It's not heavy at all - even with the camera. I could pare down I suppose, but for now, it works for me! smile

So... what's in YOUR bag?

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kay said...

hi, dude can you help me cuz i used to hav the same bag but i some seemed to have misplaced it so if so can yu please find out the model number or the place you got it from pleaseee thanks!!!