Let the countdown begin!

Ah, another week another blogging challenge! This week we were tasked with coming up with top 10, 9, 8, 7... etc lists. I found this to be a fun challenge. Some of the lists really made me think too.

10 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die
10. Tour Europe with DH (actually this is something I want to do "before we get too old to enjoy it!")
9. Visit Australia & New Zealand and visit friends while I'm there.
8. Have my picture taken in front of every "welcome to" sign in every state *and* Canadian province.
7. Go skydiving
6. Get published
5. Visit all the wonders of Egypt
4. Get back into a size 6
3. Dance with my son at his wedding
2. Hang out with my grandkids
1. For at least 10 years I want to sit on my front porch every evening and watch the sunset over the ocean.

9 Places I Last Spent Money
9. King Soopers (our local Kroger)
8. Jo-Ann
7. Super Target
6. PayPal/Ebay (paid for items won on Ebay)
5. Super Wal-Mart
4. Old Chicago
3. My friend Michelle (Home Interiors purchase)
2. Veggie stand at the farmer's market
1. Natural beef vendor at the farmer's market

8 Sounds I Routinely Hear Around My House
8. Typing on a computer keyboard
7. Ethan singing
6. Ethan running around
5. Music from iTunes, an iPod, or the radio
4. Sounds from DH's hockey video game
3. The kitty meow-ing
2. The thump-thump-thump of kitty paws on the hardwood floor
1. Wind blowing through the leaves

7 Real Restaurants Where I Last Ate Out
7. Old Chicago
6. Buca de Beppo
5. Cioppino's (San Francisco)
4. Four Seas (San Francisco)
3. Cafe Niebaum-Coppola
2. Rialto Cafe
1. Little Ricci's

6 Things I've Recently Scratched Off My To-Do List

6. Made a desk calendar for next year
5. Re-arranged my office/scrap room
4. Got all the cars in for scheduled maintenance
3. Cleaned out my "catch-all" closet
2. Did a Goodwill round-up
1. Registered my son for tumbling

5 People I Don't Know but would Like to Hang Out With
5. Ali Edwards
4. Cowtown Stacy
3. Sharon Osbourne
2. One of the moms from Ethan's preschool
1. Many, many members of the scrapbooking board I frequent!

4 Songs That Make Me Happy
4. Pump It - The Black Eyed Peas
3. When the Stars Go Blue - Tim McGraw
2. Dragostea Din Tei - O-Zone
1. Anything sung in Ethan's little voice

3 Things I Hate To Do

3. Clean the kitty box
2. Go on job interviews
1. Be the bearer of bad news

2 Things I'm Really Good At
2. Expressing myself with words, images, and color
1. Coming up with marketing strategies on the fly

1 Bad Habit
1. Pro-cra-stin-a-tion

So there you have it! My lists!

Yes, I realize I didn't do last week's challenge. I'm still formulating that one and also I'm not sure I want to share it with the world just yet.

So, what are YOUR lists?

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