Red is the way I roll

Red. I didn't used to be such a huge fan of red. In fact, I used to roll my eyes and/or laugh hysterically and my friend Amy when she'd be going all ga-ga over something that was red.

"I love red. Red makes Amy HAPPY." She'd say.

I, on the other hand, was way into purple and hunter green. But mostly purple. I still am, but I must say I have grown quite a fondness for red.

Red is such a warm color. It has many shades. Some pleasing, some not-so-pleasing, like the orange-y tomato red that I cannot wear. I love the dark, bold, reds, like for example the hexidecimal value of #990000, which all you "web geeks" should know by heart by now. It's a deep shade of red that really grabs your attention, hence why I tended to use it a lot in online advertisements for the company I used to work for. It made prices and "buy now" stand out nicely!

Red catches my eye. From red sweaters and t-shirts, to the red of a Doritos bag. The red of a beautiful, red rose. The red of the Dairy Queen sign. I must say it brightens my day a bit when I see it.

I have acquired many red items over the years that I use almost daily. My Kitchen Aid mixer is a lovely, lacquered shade of red; my Franklin planner that holds my PDA is red; my favorite Kate Spade bag is red; my favorite sweater is red; my Disney Visa and Discover Cards are red; and I must say my little boy looks positively smashing in red.

I've noticed that I'm drawn to the color so much more. I squeal with delight when I receive a card or a scrapbooking element that has those deep shades of red. I find myself going through cranberry red paper like it's going out of style, that's for sure!

I don't own a red car. The thing is those darned dealerships rarely have a car with the options I want in the perfect shade of red.

Red has definitely grown on me. Perhaps even replaced purple as my favorite color. Red makes me happy.

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Stacy said...

We're very much alike when it comes to red. No orange-y tomato red for me either. :)