Just one of THOSE days!

Yup. Just one of those days. Kind of a "blah" day. Some people would say I have a case of the "Moooon-days."

I gotta get out of this quasi-funk. 'Tis not good for the spirit. It's not like I don't have enough to keep me occupied. I'm finishing a couple jobs for some clients, plus stuff for the charity committee I'm on. I think I need to step in front of my easel and create something.

I got inspired in Santa Fe. Inspired to pick up a paint brush or something and just create. I could do a painting or a jewelry design. I may even try my hand at this "vintage" decoupage technique I saw on a TV show. We've got these fantastic photos of my husband's late grandfather that would look most excellent as part of a vintage decoupage collage. Of course we're not using originals - we have the photos scanned in and I'll have them printed out.

I'm sure the garden needs some attention as well. I need to go up and weed and make sure all the plants are healthy and thriving. This year I've got 5 tomato plants (yellow pear, super sweet 100, roma, an heirloom variety, and a mature early girl I got for $12.99 at Home Depot), basil, oregano, thai basil, 2 bell pepper plants, 1 anaheim chile, 1 salsa chile, a kung pao, a thai dragon, 2 big jims, 2 new mexico green chile, a zucchini, yellow squash, watermelon, pumpkin, and some onions. Plus my potted herb garden that sits on the deck along with assorted flowers out front. Quite an undertaking, but hey I can handle it! I've eluded the bunnies and most of the pests. I just need to keep everything watered - especially in this heat.

I also need to straighten my office and continue plowing through the pile of laundry we've accumulated. It feels like I'm CONSTANTLY doing laundry. Ugh. It was worse when Mr. E was teeny. It seemed that little guy went through 5 outfits per day. Now he manages one, maybe two if he's messy or has an "accident."

I guess I should get motivating. The beauty of working from home doing freelance is I don't have to sit in front of the computer all day waiting for an email response. I can move on to another project or get some things around the house done while I wait.

But I gotta shake those blahs!

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