Java, Joe, Caffeine Fix, or Coffee if you will

I will admit that I am a huge fan of coffee. Particularly Starbucks coffee. I wouldn't say I'm addicted, but I think I average 1-2 cups of the regular stuff or one grande latte per day. Did I mention that Starbucks is my favorite?

I probably (or rather those around me) would not have gotten through my pregnancy had it not been for the existence of DECAF Starbucks coffee! Not every day (most of the time I had cranberry juice), but at least 2-3 days per week my daily fix of either oatmeal or fortified cereal was accompanied by a grande, decaf, lowfat, vanilla latte. During the holidays I mixed it up a little with a gingerbread latte. When the morning sickness let up some I ventured into white chocolate raspberry mochas. My new favorite is the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I tried one last weekend at Barnes & Noble. They're quite good! Even with non-fat milk and no whip!

Now I'm ashamed to admit, my 22-month-old son knows exactly what Starbucks is and expects to stop there everytime we pass one in the mall, at Target, B&N, or grocery stores that have a Starbucks inside. It's a darn good thing we haven't taken him for a stroll down Market Street in San Francisco yet! I swear there's a Starbucks every 20 feet! He does not, however, get coffee of any sort, No, he goes for a warmed Kids' Milk. With some lemon or pumpkin bread please. When he's a little older we'll try hot chocolate or one of the creams like a vanilla or strawberry cream.

Yes, we're slaves to pop culture and the almighty Starbucks revenue machine. I'm good with that. I think there are far worse things to be a "slave to." :-)


agent713 said...

Hey it sounds like you are a long lost Starbucks Sister too :) Is the Cinnamon Dolce any good? What does Docle mean anyways? (My barista didn't know). I normally get one pump of cinnamon in my Chai but I don't like a lot of it...I think the CD would be too strong...and possibly too sweet. I don't like really sweet drinks...

Help! ;)

~Heidi...fellow non-fat-no-whip drinker :D

Violet said...

Dolce means sweet or sugary in Italian. My great-grandmother used it to mean candy sometimes, chasing after us kids with the candy dish shouting ('cause she nor anyone else on the Italian side could ever use an "inside voice") "Dolce! Dolce! You-a wanna the candy?"

I am so a Starbucks Sister and I love their Chai too. :-)

Emmy said...

Does your son have the kids Starbucks cup yet? I am ashamed to admit I bought one ... for my future children that are no where near being planned ... but I was afraid they'd be gone by time I actually meet a man and get married and start a family so I bought one. For Mommy and Me Starbucks trips :) They have crayons and you can color the outside of the cup and put pictures in, really neat.
Glad to hear you're a Starbucks Sister too!

kellisue said...

Huge Starbucks lover here too. My oldest son (12) likes to get a frapuccino. My youngest son (6) likes to get a hot chocolate.

And now we've got a new Starbucks that's even closer to me!

I think I just might go today....