I had lunch with a smurf because I'm sexy and I do what I want!

Well not really. But I *am* sexy and I *do* tend to do what I want. Most of the time. That silliness came from something fun Stacy shared, where you take your birth month, day, and the color of shirt you are currently wearing, and each of those values correspond to a snippet of silliness that you form into a sentence. Love that stuff.

I'm totally digging on the silliness these days. I like silly. Almost as much as I love corny. Well maybe moreso... Depends on the day? Gawd I'm random today.

I'm happy to report that I'm out of that awful funk. Man that sucked. I hate being in a funk. Happens more often than not and I have got to find better ways to deal with it and manage it. Silliness saved me this time. That and a couple of fan-frickin'-tabulous convos with two of my very favorite people.

I know I've been sorely remiss in writing. I attribute that partially to the funk (I mean let's face it - who wants to continually read about how crappy I'm feeling and how much I'm hating life?), partially to work (although I love my job it's been freaking insane as of late), and partially to that damned painting that continues to torment me. Even though I am 1,000 miles away from it right now and cannot conceivably pick up a brush and agonize over how to finish it. I am going for a lovely combo of fire-y, warm, orange and deep, deep, red, paired with some buttercream and walnut-y espresso brown. I spend way too much time obsessing over that painting and just need to paint something on that prepped canvas and just be happy with it. Maybe I need to paint something silly? Now there's a thought...

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agent713 said...

Hmph. I think the increase air travel should increase your chances of getting to see ME!

Just name the time and place!!!