This could be interesting...

Have you heard about Wii Sex? Not to be confused with wee sex...

I have to agree with Salon.com, this is definitely the WTF of the day. And while part of me doesn't feel like dropping $50 on this, a bigger part of me can't wait for this to be released so I can laugh my ass off.

More info on the game can be found here and in this podcast here.

Makes me wonder if we as a society have gotten either that warped or that clever that we're willing to burn calories any way we can via the Wii?

One quick note - upon further reading, it looks like this is something that one could check out now, although it's not meant for a game console, but for a desktop or laptop computer using a Wii controller. The catch is you have to make a bunch of modifications to the controller to get it to work with Bluetooth. However, if you're really wanting to check this game out, I guess it would be worth all the extra work?

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