Nerd Girl or Bimbo? Which Would You Rather Be?

What is so intimidating about intelligent women? Women with a brain. Women who have an opinion. Women who have an opinion and stick to it? Why is being smart such a threat to some people? Particularly of the male persuasion?

I will be the first to admit - I am nerd girl. I am damn proud of being nerd girl. I would like to think that, despite some questionable choices I've made in my life, I'm fairly smart and intelligent.

I read a lot. Perhaps too much, but that's OK.

I like to discuss current events (because I'm a freaking information and news junkie) and politics.

I stand by my convictions and beliefs and am not easily swayed (read: I am stubborn as hell and you'd better present a damned good case to get me to change my opinion about something).

I like computers and gadget-y things. I can even upgrade my laptop without much assistance.

I actually like my job. So much so that I like to devour and absorb all the information I can about my area of expertise and tend to retain "useless" factoids, numbers, and snippets of information that actually become useful at some point. When thrown out at the right time in the right conversation.

So why is this intimidating? I just don't get it.

Perhaps this is someone's way of saying that they'd feel better about me if I acted like a bimbo instead of someone with a brain?

You tell me.

FWIW, I personally find you get far more respect from people if you don't act like a bimbo. But then again that could just be my "very opinionated opinion..."

I stand by my earlier statement. Nerds are sexy. :)


shirley319 said...

You wrote: So why is this intimidating? I just don't get it.

A Three word Answer:
The Male Ego

Lee said...

You can never read too much! From one news/politics junkie to another: Nerds are sexy ;)