Catching Up

Yes. I know. I've been really bad at updating this thing. Note I have a few posts that I do update, however those are Ones That Will Never See the Glow of LCD. Because there's no way in friggin' hell they're getting published.

I've had random thoughts. And rants. I've just never bothered to put them to text. Until now... (heh heh heh)

For instance, why the hell do these parents at daycare seem to think they're so freaking important that they get to take up two parking spots. One for their car, the other to have their door open as far as it can possibly go to put the kid in the car. Newsflash - it is entirely possible to put a child, of any size, fussing or not, into the vehicle without having the god-damned door open as far as it will go. Trust me on this. Plus it's just rude. Especially in a lot where there aren't a whole lot of spaces and by taking up two you force the rest of us to circle like vultures until you're finished.

Also, why is it that when the mercury soars above 95F, people feel the need to drive. so. friggin'. slow? I do not get it. They also seem to get exponentially more passive-aggressive.

Baby carrots with onion veggie dip are the bomb. And oh-so good for you. Fresh strawberries paired with vanilla fruit dip from Whole Foods rock as well. Try them. You'll thank me later.

Certain people have a knack for making my day without even trying. You know who you are and you know why.

Why the hell do these crazy women at the gym insist on carrying on very loud convos on their cell phones while running on the treadmill? I don't get it. Same goes for the ones who walk round and round the track whilst texting the entire time. Can you not be apart from that thing for more than 5 minutes?

Is it just me or has reality TV taken over? Dude. Seriously. If it's not reality someone's doing something with the stars... I'm almost scared to see what the brainiacs come up with next... Anything for ratings I suppose...

Wow. I think that's it. At least for the moment. :o)

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