It's June 1.

Or at least for another 22 minutes.

Where has this year went? It's almost half over. But yet looking back I have accomplished so much... and have so much yet to accomplish.

So far this year...

I've lost 22 lbs.

Made some big changes in my life. For the better. Even though it's not been easy.

Rediscovered my creative muse.

Found my happy place. Again.

Traveled somewhere every month.

Found out who my real friends are... and who they aren't. The hard way.

Gained back so much confidence. In myself. In my abilities. In who I am.

Learned to trust. Just a little bit.

Found my bliss. And followed it. And I'm still following it.

Learned not to give up. Especially if it's something I want. I just need to be patient. And I will be. Because I know it's worth the wait.


Lee said...


agent713 said...

"Travel somewhere every month" Now that I like!

Violet said...

Disclaimer about the travel - with the exception of one trip, it's all been for work!

Martha said...

Travel is travel...unless of course you get sent somewhere totally icky and the only hotel with a room empty is the Bates Motel. 'Aint nothin' wrong with someone else paying for you to get the heck out of dodge....

You are off to a great start this year...and I think I found your lost 20 pounds. UH OH...but hey, good for you!