Channeling My Inner-Oscar

I'm really grouchy today. I feel like crap and wish I had wings to just fly away. This is how I feel:

Really grouchy, but still kind of loveable?

I'm even using Oscar as my IM avatar today. I've taken breaks to find good grouch quotes. Oscar rocks.

Despite the cute muppet, I'm laying low today. That way I minimize the instances of my snapping at people and being the complete 'yotch that I feel like today. I'm avoiding as much human interaction as possible, except for my friend B who's been having an equally crappy day due to completely different reasons. We've been friends long enough that we just get it when the other is in a crappy mood and says something shitty to the other one. It's always good to have at least one of those friends in your circle! :)

I feel like ick and got maybe one hour of sleep last night. This is one of those times when working from home is such a good thing. I can be productive and still rest. Plus on top of that I'm feeling really sad and really defeated today. I can't wait until I go pick up Ethan in about an hour. That little dude can always make me smile.

I think tonight I am going to start a new painting. Painting seems to make me feel better. I'm thinking something.... orange? Maybe I'll even let Ethan 'help.'


Lee said...

Ick! I hate those days. Hoping things perk up. And, you know, if the painting doesn't work there's always tequila :)

Menjiness said...

I love Oscar! How did the painting go?