Banners and Letters and Pretty Pictures - Oh My!

Looking ^^^ up there today I'm thinking I need to change out that banner and also figure out how to fix the titles and stuff that Blogger automatically puts in so it doesn't look so crappy.

Pretty sad that someone who useta get paid an obscene amount of money to design websites and still kindasorta works in tech can't freaking figure out how to fix it... or at the very least beat it into submission. Hey, I can only work as well as the technology I am provided with! Cut me a wee bit of slack here!

I need to think of something witty to say this time. Hmmm... Off to peruse my newz junkie stops and see if something strikes me this evening... stay tuned...

Oh yeah. That reflect-y blog post about my fantabulous weekend in "the-middle-of-freakin'-nowhere-Central-Texas" I keep teasing people with and am getting harassed about not yet posting? It's in progress. I promise. Sue totally inspired me with hers and right now mine is in brain-dump mode. I must finesse before I throw it out here for the whole world to see. Yeah. I know. That hasn't stopped me in the past, but in the past I haven't exactly been saying anything remotely profound either. Just spewing bile and anger. I digress.

Again. Stay tuned...

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