Totally bringing crazy~sexy~cool back...

I didn't chicken out. I'll post a pic when it's not looking quite so traumatic. I still maintain that the belly button hurt far worse than anything I've ever had pierced in my life - hence why that one has still not been replaced. Even though I've "earned" it back via a flat stomach and then some.

I also found a fabulous (and inexpensive) pilates and yoga studio in Denver today, which is way cool. I'm amazed at how much less things cost in Denver proper (well, unless you're actually planning on *purchasing* a house then that's a whole 'nother ball o' wax). Pearl Street (South Wash Park for you locals playing from home) so rocks. A lot of the same cool stuff is still there like Sushi Den, Stella's, The Black Pearl, Hungarian Bistro, Pearl Street Grille, 12th House. The cool costume shop is closing it's doors, which made me very sad when I walked by. The book store specializing in murder mysteries is still around too. Hopefully that place never goes anywhere seeing as I'm a major murder mystery junkie.

Thing is I fear that the whole area is totally becoming totally yuppified, which kinda sux. Scrape-offs are starting to dominate - and not the cool ones that blend in either. I guess if that's going to be my new 'hood though, I'll just have to suck it up and deal with the scrape-offs and the obnoxious yuppies to be more centrally-located in a house that doesn't look exactly like the one across the street... or the one three doors down. And here I thought they all fled to the 'burbs like Stepford. Who knew?


D said...

Personally I think you're just crazy, but I like the new look. Sexy's a state of mind and cool just comes with the package.

Try to let this one fully heal before you go gangbusters at Hot Topic... ~D

D said...

Oh yeah -the yuppies. Almost forgot. Did the thought ever occur to you that perhaps these obnoxious archetypes straight outta the "things white people like" blog probably drove in from someplace insanely depressing like Green Valley Ranch or Castle Pines North and were just walking around trying to look cool and trying to forget their mind-numbingly boring natural surroundings? ~D