Happy Place - FOUND!

At least partially. Despite my Ducks blowing Game 6.

I found my Happy Place. Surprisingly it wasn't behind Sarah's couch with Jesus (sorry to disappoint!). It wasn't at the bottom of a tequila bottle (clearly!). And while it's not 100% back (still a bunch of things that need to be fixed) I'll take the portion that is.

Part of it I found in the joy of solitude.
Part of it I found in the joy of friends.
A good chunk of it I found in a pair of hockey skates.

Yes, you read that right. Hockey skates. Rental ones at that (who knew I'd find it in a pair of crappy rental skates at the South Suburban Ice Arena???). Ones that I couldn't get quite as tight as I liked them and managed to re-tweak my ankle a little bit. Nevermind that they needed sharpening really badly and added to my not-been-on-ice-skates-in-10-years wobbliness.

Am I going to play again? Not sure. It's tough to find co-ed teams that don't have pansy-ass rules (like no checking and establishing the high-stick mark far lower than 'regulation'). It's even tougher to find ice time that's not at midnight. I might just keep working with the Ethan-monster at standing up on his skates (without holding on for dear life and pulling me down in the process) and gliding so within the year I can start working with him on puck handling and passing and stuff like that. For now, I'll get some new skates. Good skates. And a new stick. And smack the hell out of a few pucks. Nothing more satisfying than barreling down the ice and smacking the crap out of a hockey puck.

Wonder whatever became of my old gear...


Lee said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha! Joy in a pair of hockey skates. Good for you!!

Martha said...

Yeah! Great to hear that you're feeling/doing better.

Violet said...

Lee, I knew you'd get a kick out of where I found most of my joy. :o) Hockey is my zen.