I think I'm gonna lose my mind.

Yes. Seriously. I'm like thisclose.

What's that you say? You say it's already gone? Long gone?

Well in that case, it sho' as hell ain't comin' back after all THIS.


Martha said...

Makes me think of those obnoxious commercials for ?Kaiser...or some other healthy living campaign where they find love handles on the floor and make some little remark about healthier living.

I'll keep an eye out for your mind...it should be easy to spot, as it is a beautiful and bright one unlike the dull and dazed ones you usually find in HR (and btw, what's up with the woman that made the local news...there was apparently a madame in HR? Such scandal for Stepford, eh?)

Lissa said...

Here's the scary part Martha - that woman lives up the road from me. Next neighborhood over.