Dodged the bullet

The massively heavy snow bullet at least. I woke up this morning expecting a shitload of snow. Enough to make me exceptionally cranky. Not a fan of the fluffy white stuff. Well, unless someone happens to be bestowing a free lift ticket to Breck upon me, in which case I am happy to partake of the fluffy white stuff - so long as it stays in the mountains and doesn't follow me home!

Good news is, even though I'm freezing, it doesn't seem to have done much around these parts. A few inches and wet roads is all. Of course all the news stations are saying "be prepared for more snow and blowing snow through this afternoon..." Meh. As long as we're talking mere inches and not feet, I'm happy.

This week I'm home. Next week I'm a traveling fool. Chicago the first half of the week, Seattle on the weekend. Can't wait!


Lee said...

You said it! As long as it is just inches and not feet, equals happy in my book too!

Violet said...

Yeah, but it's not supposed to snow where you live, remember? ;)

Martha said...

Ah yes, the storm that wasn't....a whole lot of unhappy teachers at work yesterday! My hubby taunted those weather predicting fools by taking his motorcycle to work...sort of his way of saying "Neener Neener Neener, you were so wrong!" (like anyone heard, noticed or even cared but he seemed happy).