Why Ask Why?

Million dollar question of the day - why the hell do women show up to the gym in full makeup? Why? Why? Why? Especially for a kickboxing class! "Barbie" in my kickboxing class this morning was totally done up in full regalia. She usually is anyway, but I do believe that I could have scraped a bunch of it off with my fingernail today. Funny thing is, Barbie ain't all that. Midway through class she shuffled back to the 2nd row next to me (she's really tall and I think she nearly took our instructor out with a couple high-kicks, so moving was a good plan) and I got a good look at her. I won't comment any further because I'm working really reeeeeeaaaaaalllly hard on the "mean girl" thing. I'm not a "mean girl" per se, I just tend to say mean shit out loud that others only dare to think. Or type it. On my blog. For all to see.

On a more random note, the guy at the front desk asked me for my phone number. And for the record I looked like crap from having my butt kicked in kickboxing (not literally, but that class does kick your butt!) and the only makeup I was wearing was tinted moisturizer which I'm positive I had sweat off by that time. I politely declined. Apparently I still got "it" whatever "it" is.

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D said...

I hate that crap. For god's sake, you are there to exercise. All that aside, did you get her digits for me? ;) -D