Carrying on the family tradition

I have come to conclusion that Ethan is going to be the next "installment" in my family's "Italian Stallion" saga. It's inevitable. The "ladies man" gene is just too strong. Plus he spends way too much time with his Uncle Bryan and Uncle Chris (when he's in town). My only hope is that he doesn't decide to have a map of Italy tattooed on his back. I'm not opposed to getting inked. I have one myself, but I think Italy across your entire back is a little much.

The kid is a charmer. Plain and simple. And a HUGE flirt (that's my boy - gee I wonder where he gets it from?). We go shopping, he sees little girls about his age (he likes blondes) he waves, then informs me "she's cute." He apparently also has 4 or 5 girlfriends at pre-school. One named Caitlyn in particular is is favorite "because she shares grapes." No surprise he's a ladies man - kid can shake his booty like no other. And is a fascinating conversationalist. Plus he's generous with the compliments. After all, his mommy is "way cuuuuute" and "so money."

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