Ah, the Joys

When working from home there are many joys to be had. You can be a little more casual. You don't have to go out to lunch - in fact, you have a fully-stocked kitchen with real appliances at your disposal. You can blast your tunes as loud as you want and you don't have to wear headphones. You don't get constant interruptions from chatty co-workers. And best of all - if you live in a neighborhood like mine where the houses are thisclosetogether, you get to hear your neighbor hock loogies on his way out to his car. Lovely.


agent713 said...

Oh sorry. I didn't realize I was being that loud. Still getting over this cold and stuff though.
~Heidi...surrounded by used kleenex :P

Martha said...

Ok, when are you going to post your brag about going to Texas? You know I plan to participate vicariously through your attendance, right?