Sweet Relief

I can breathe. I can almost hear. My head is 3/4 way out of the fog it's been in since Sunday. Mucinex is the bomb. Mucinex D to be exact. Not that I approve of the icky advertising or anything. But this stuff's da bomb. Even if we practically had to sign away our first born to get it.

Today's been a day. I worked some. I shopped a little. Got details for my son's baby book put together a little more.

I've decided to do a traditional "baby book" with all the little details recorded for posterity, along with accompanying snapshots and other pics. This book will be really simple. Thankfully I recorded odds and ends of Mr. E's first year of life in Word docs, sticky notes, calendars, and a nifty piece of software called My Baby Journal. The calendar and Baby Journal have been handy memory joggers. Of course now I wish I'd been a little more diligent about noting top songs of March 2004, the top movies of the time, who the top sports teams were. Would have saved me lots of time Googling and perusing ESPN.com and Billboard.com. Now that it's three years later, it's a little more challenging and some things require a paid subscription. Grrr. I know if I dig enough I'll find the info that I seek. I also know there are those sites that collect all the trivial facts for the day/week/month/year you were born. Still, this is what I get for being such a slack-ass.

I really don't have any other major projects on the horizon. I'm still trying to learn to knit. And failing at that miserably. My wedding album is still quite the daunting task.I don't want to make it too difficult on myself, but I also don't want to completely sell out and do a "kit" album that looks like everyone else's album who happened to buy that particular kit. I'll get there. Once my head and hearing clear some more.

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