Long live the MacBook Pro

I seriously don't know how I survived without a magsafe power adaptor. Seriously. These things rock. The plug doesn't get worn out over time (and due to how hot the laptop runs). If the stupid cat decides to rub her head against it - no biggie. The thing pops off, freaks her out, and it's a good hour before she's bugging me again. The kid comes screaming through the family room on his "motorcycle" (aka big wheel) and happens to run into the power cord, no problemo. The kid isn't clotheslined, and no damage is done. Life is good.

I also don't know how I got by without the iSight built in. No more swearing trying to get the stand-alone iSight to hook onto the lid properly, followed by 45 minutes spent trying to get the camera angle just right. No, I'm not delving into the live 24/7 webcam world again. That was sooo 1998. Naw, it's cool to have because of Photo Booth, which I admittedly spend way too much time playing with. It's also fun to have "video conferences," if you will, with my out of state friends. Just need to remember not to be picking my nose or anything while the cam is live.

In other technology news, I'm still rather frustrated by the lack of available Blogspot urls and otherwise. Yes, I realize I've been ranting about this for a week now. Part of the problem is I haven't been creative enough (read: years of writing advertising copy to sell toilet bowl cleaner and cellular phones online have zapped every last bit of creativity out of my brain) to come up with something else, so instead I will bitch about it until I either a) come up with something clever, or b) an angry mob shows up at my door and confiscates any and all devices I could possibly access the internet and use to post to my blog. I'm also growing increasingly frustrated with WordPress. I've been trying to beat the thing into submission for a few days now. I think a big part of the problem is I don't actually do anything remotely resembling coding anymore, so I'm just grossly out of practice. I still can write a line or two of HTML if I absolutely have to. Oftentimes I have a php script or two up my sleeve. But that's about it. I'll get there. Or I'll bribe a geek.

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